Friday, June 8, 2012

Some things are not meant to be

EV #36 "Some things are not meant to be."
It's summer. I have time. I should be drawing so much more. Ah well. Here's something for you.

For those who aren't programming nerds, open source is a program that has its code available to anyone who wants it. Open source programs are often collaborative projects, where lots of people help to program it.
Antivirus tries to get rid of viruses. If someone wants to program a virus, it would be easy for them to hide it (or a thousand of them -- source code all looks the same unless you really inspect it) in the open source project. At very least, it would be easier for virus programmers to work around the open source software, when they know exactly how it works.

It's an older and lamer joke, but I'm out of fresh material. Whatever.

E2: "So, I heard your open-source antivirus project tanked."
Alek: "Yeah. It seemed like such a good idea, too."

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