Friday, June 22, 2012


EV #38 "Gesundheit"
I cannot express how sick I am of drawing Alek in that exact same pose. When I make one of these comics, I draw it in pencil first, then in ink. So, to get the positioning right, I drew the original Alek on a piece of paper, and traced him onto each panel. Then, I detailed in to get each one to look right, then drew over him with ink. In all, I drew Alek, staring at the sky, eyes wide, mouth ajar, nineteen stinking times!!!

Maybe I should reconsider becoming an animator if that frustrates me so much.

That aside. This is, yet again, an old joke that I never had the patience to draw before. You can guess why. I should stop telling you that they're old jokes. Somehow that seems to imply that they're inferior, and...well, you'd never know otherwise. I'm just about as inane as I've always been. :3

With the exception of Alek, this was fun to draw. I got to expand beyond my normal 8½  x 11 limitations by drawing this across two sheets of paper! (yay). I also got to feel all fancy using a ruler to draw these lines.

More artistically speaking, I've always wanted to draw a comic that tells a story without using words. In general, I apply the philosophy that the ideal comic has few words, partly for the sake of the artform and partly because I hate handwriting. Now if I do one that breaks the 4th wall of my syndication method, I'll have done all the outside-of-the-box tropes.

And that's it for now.

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