Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Good luck, bub

EV #37 "Good luck, bub."
This is a very old far as my jokes go.
I came up with it summer of 2010. It was from the first batch of EVs; the nineteenth installment in a linear story from which I only ever drew eleven strips. The joke stands by itself well enough, so in my lack of new material, I dug it out of my old notes.

I've actually tried to draw this strip more than once. For some reason I tried to make it unnecessarily complicated the last time (a few months ago).

And, for the record, I have played Runescape. I got up to level 79 crafting before I grew bored of it and ditched. Now I can't remember my username -- or else they deleted my account. Whatever. They changed the theme song; it doesn't even feel like the same game anymore.

Jesi: "I guess I want to date more."

"But I don't want to plan, spend money, or do or eat anything I might not like."

Alek: "Well, you could always find someone on Runescape."

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