Thursday, May 17, 2012

≤Relevant: MysteryGuitarMan

For those who are currently unaware, MysteryGuitarMan is a prominent figure on YouTube, and one of my personal favorite YouTubers. He usually makes music videos that toy with process technique and animation. This video is a good demonstration of the kind of thing he does:


Sometimes he'll call for participation from his fans to contribute to a video of his; often by having a large number of people contribute a frame each to his video. And so he has today.

The instructions he gave were for us to take a photo of ourselves holding a printout of a frame from his animation.

So I have. I hope to see it in his video in the next couple of weeks.


This was a fun picture to draw. I think I got those shadows to look nice; I used a combination of bleary fade shadows (popular among artists with photoshop) and cel shadows (popular among artists without photoshop), plus I experimented with ambient highlights or 'haloing'. In any case, I think that paper looks friggin' awesome.
You can see my computer there. Ironically, the window I have open is GIMP, which is currently editing this very picture. It's inception.
I've submitted to MysteryGuitarMan before but he didn't use me last time. Wish me luck.

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