Friday, May 25, 2012

Oh cruel irony...

EV # 35 "Oh cruel irony..."

I am now all but officially graduated from high school.
If any of my viewing audience thought I was older than that...I guess I'll take that as a compliment.
Anyways, I experienced this phenomenon yesterday, and spent these last two afternoons staving off boredom by making it into a project more elaborate than it ever needed to be.

The proof?

I didn't even end up using Alek's new profile picture. I'm finding activity to keep up with my time now, though, and there will be plenty of EVs soon to make up for my longer-than-expected absence.

I played around with some more-advanced techniques, both with the comic and with the picture. I threw panels around in a Calvin and Hobbes way, and that backpack was harder to draw than it had any right to be. I put reflections in Alek's glasses of his hand holding the camera. The backdrop is in Seattle.

In other news, It's good to be back!

Alek: "FINALLY!"

"Months of nonstop homework, and now I can just goof off!

(on Facebook)
"I'M BORED!!!!!!"

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