Monday, April 30, 2012

It's still progress

Guest Comic #4 "It's still progress."

Jim has wanted to draw a comic for the strip (essentially) since I started it, but it wasn't until now that he's felt like a good enough artist. For general information, he'll probably be drawing more this upcoming summer, but I'll let him introduce himself when he does.
Anyway, this is a programming joke, based on actual events. Jim and I are in a C++ class together with about four other guys, and we tease each other relentlessly. Since programming languages are really nitpicky about punctuation, it's really easy for novices like ourselves to make our programs crash (or, in most cases, never start) by forgetting a semicolon or parenthesis somewhere along the way. One day, in spite of exhaustive debugging, Jim kept getting build errors. I took one look at his code and, rather sarcastically, made the same suggestion that E2 did in the comic.

"It's still progress" is the catchphrase of one of the guys in the class. It usually doesn't look like progress, but in most cases, it really is. For example, instead of the plane never lifting off, it now crashes into the power lines across the street -- in programming, that's a step forward.

Computer: "There were build errors...[ok]"

Jim: "Not Again! Why won't my programs ever work?!"

Jim: " that's my problem. Think you can help?"

E2: "Maybe you should stop writing them in Dutch."

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