Tuesday, January 24, 2012

On the subject of Facebook

I have been investing some time and energy into making small improvements to the technical aspects of publishing this comic strip, namely this website and our Facebook page. Most of these will be small, e.g. the system of label organization. I'm going to put ads here eventually, and it may be fairly soon. Don't worry, it won't be terrible.

Anyway, I spent yesterday and today putting together a snazzy new profile picture for our Facebook page:
Whatcha think?
I'll be changing the text on the t-shirt about as often as I upload a new comic, so keep your eyes out for that. I'll keep all of them in the site's Picasa Album (you can find the link to it whenever you want on the Gallery page). They'll probably be near the back, until I come up with some reorganization for it, too. The changing t-shirt isn't something I'll announce on Facebook, so consider yourselves more favored.

Anyway, it seems that a username is now a viable option for our Facebook page. It will make it easier to promote the page, since Facebook is so convenient for everyone. I'm considering "EVcomics," but if you have something more exciting, please let me know.
I have already made the username. We are http://www.facebook.com/EVcomics

Anyway, dinner's ready and I am hungry, so I'll stop blathering now.
'K, bye.

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