Wednesday, January 11, 2012

'Nuff said.

EV # 29 "'Nuff said."
'Nuff said.

Seriously, though, I have noticed a lot of elitism in the "art" world, as far as the quality of equipment goes. Sometimes even I (humble as I am :3) fall under that trap. It's an occupational hazard, so if I ever produce an air of such egotism, just slap me.

Not that it should come to that. I draw on notebooks and copy paper, with no. 2 pencils. The Sharpie Pen is the fanciest of my equipment.

And so ends my search. I have found that I very much like Sharpie Pens for inking -- though I'm yet to run one out of ink, so I do not know how long they last, nor how they behave when they are near the end. They are, however, very thin, with a felt tip and nice ink flow. They also dry fast, and are non-bleeding and odorless (unlike ultra-thin Sharpie markers, which were my previous standard).
My brother and sister-in-law were very generous in providing me with a small fortune of interesting and useful pens. (Also included in the bunch was a space pen. :D) These were added to my trove of interesting but mostly-useless pens, which I may show off in the future with some mildly humorous commentary, should my comic material run thin.

"The poor craftsman blames his tools." -sounds like an old proverb, so I probably didn't make that up. Yeah, it's really the skill of the artist that determines the quality of the work. Remember, most of what Da Vinci used would be considered pretty crude and shoddy next to what we have, and he didn't use Photoshop once. Not once!

Jesi: "A Sharpie pen? Don't you have any standards?"

Jesi (now drawn in crayon): "Touche."

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