Saturday, January 21, 2012

I also have, like eight leaf energies from the card game.

EV # 28 "I also have, like eight leaf energies from the card game."
I, myself, was actually surprised when I found out that the games preceded the anime. It seems obvious now, but my introduction to the series was through the show. When I look at bits from new episodes, I'm a little disappointed at the direction it's taken, but in all honesty, it hasn't really changed. The show was always designed to appeal to the 8-12 year old bracket. I merely grew up.

And yet, I'm still drawing a comic series about it. Funny ol' world, i'nit?

Look at that sweet double-panel action. I'm getting better at this. Also, notice my use of crisscrossing speech bubbles. It's something I've seen around, but most often on the strip "Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee." I find it a little confusing, so I don't think I'll continue to do it, but it sure saved me some effort.

Bonus points go to the first one who can correctly identify the reference origin of the label on Jesi's milk.
Here's an enlarged facsimile:
Rax: "Hey. Have you seen the Pokémon anime lately? It's unrecognizeable."
Jesi: "Meh. I was always a purist for the games."

Rax: "What, Pokémon Snap and that tic-tac-toe thing from McDonalds?"
Jesi: "Those are games."

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