Monday, December 19, 2011

The Usual

EV #27 "The Usual"

I don't know what the fascination I have with having a "usual" at a restaurant is, but it's what led me to draw this. I realize that it's probably a lot of work to persistently eat the same thing at the same place until the staff recognizes you out of everyone else.

I came up with another joke here, "At least my usual and nickname are different things, unlike Tofu Burger over there." It was probably inspired by the character Vegetable Lasagna from Seinfeld.

I learned a bunch from this picture, especially about working with my new pen.

Waitress: "Hey, Fuzzyface. The usual?"
Alek: "Yup."

Alek: "I sacrificed four months of variety at lunchtime so I could have a nickname and a usual. It was worth it."

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