Monday, December 5, 2011

Ashes to Ashes

EV #26 "Ashes to Ashes"
I drew this on Saturday, but my computer ran out of batteries before I could post it.
It was an idea I had a couple of months ago, when I spent the night in the living room of my brother's apartment. His wife is a major Twilight fan, so watching me as I slept was a large poster featuring both Edward and Jacob...suffice it to say that the experience had a negative effect on my opinion of the saga. Plus, it doesn't help that my middle name is Edward, and nobody takes that seriously anymore because of the series.
I much prefer being compared to this Edward.
Out of respect, though, and because I try to maintain a position of neither fandom nor anti-fandom, I will say that for the foreseeable future, this will be the extent of my jokes regarding Twilight. In actuality, it isn't really at the expense of the series or its fans -- or else (depending on interpretation) it's also at the expense of Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Napoleon Dynamite fans, in which case I'm basically doomed to a tar-and-feathering within the week.

I think I rush myself when I try to produce these. It takes two or three fresh looks at a comic before I can really do work on it that satisfies me. I tried doing this all in one go, and...well...I suppose the end result is pretty good, but I wasn't always so optimistic about it. Plus, my handwriting seems a little shoddy.
Slow down. I think that idea can apply to basically everything.

I am currently trying to find a pen I really like. This was drawn mostly with an Ultra-Fine Sharpie, but part of it was detailed with my new pen, a Pilot Precise V5. I like the felt tip of the sharpie better than the ball point of the Pilot, but the Pilot has better ink flow. End result? Meh to both. I'll be trying a Uniball 0.5mm something-or-other next, probably pretty soon, since my mom needs one for her watercoloring class. If you know of other brands I should try, let me know.

Also, please note that I actually am a Star Wars and Harry Potter fan.

Alek: "Rereading it, eh?"
Roko: "For the 100th time. It never gets old."
(Roko's book: "Twilight")

Alek: "You know it's only a fad, right?"
Roko: "WHAT?!"
Alek: "It's not The Lord of the Rings. It lacks the substance to withstand the test of time."

Alek: "When they run out of movies, most of the fans will become disillusioned, and sluff off."
(T-shirt: "Still on team Jacob")
Slowpoke: "Meh."

Alek: "It's what happened to Star Wars. It's what's happening now to Harry Potter.
(Sign: "90% Off"
T-shirt: "I am a Jedi."
T-shirt: "No. You're a muggle.")

Alek: "Pardon the pun, but the sun will set on Twilight, just like everything else."
(Sign: "Free"
Slowpoke's T-shirt: "Vote for Pedro")

Roko: "OH YEAH? What about your precious Pokémon?"
Alek: "That's different. It will live forever through fan art and webcomics. I know it's our destiny."

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