Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bloated Pride

EV #24 "Bloated Pride."
Originally, I thought that this joke would be better suited for XKCD than EV. Then I remembered, "Oh yeah. I don't draw XKCD."
Sorry for the long boring silence. Chalk it up to bad timing. I might become busy for a while coming up, but I'll try not to let it interrupt too much. No complaints here, really. How are you?
This idea came to mind while I was taking the ACT, and I came up with a perfect answer to a particularly difficult question. My pride bloats easy.
Anyway, I'm really close to finishing Poptart Pikachu, after which, I will devote my EV-related attentions directly to EV. Strange how that isn't automatically the scenario.

Alakazam: "Wow. This kid answered #27 correctly on form A:32."
Drowzee: "Whoa! Should we nominate him for a Nobel Prize?"
Alakazam: "No. This kind of genius must be sheltered, until he is ready to save the world as the Chosen One."

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