Monday, September 5, 2011

The New Neighbor

EV # 23 "The new neighbor"

If you've never played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (or any of the series' subsequent console games, but especially Ocarina of Time) it's not even worth bothering to explain this joke.

If you have, you'll have had fond memories of wielding swords, chopping random signs, finding valuable (but not that valuable) gems in tall grass, and meeting girls that look and act like guys (...cough...SHEIK...ahem...) There ought to be no need to explain this joke to you.

I'm getting the hang of drawing Sandy. Indeed, she looks much less like a guy now, than she did when I started inking. In panel 3, I tried to give her that slightly-stupid grin a person gets when they fulfill one of their sillier childhood dreams.

Jesi also has a close-up that I didn't realize I'd neglected to give him in previous strips. His facial expression more-closely resembles that of love at first sight. What's the introduction of a girl into an anime* series without the immediate seedlings of a romantic subplot? I'd be violating tradition!

*Technically speaking, I've fallen prey to a common misconception. The term "anime" supposedly only applies to animation, while comics like mine are manga ("mawn-ga," or "man-ga," not "mayn-ga"). In common usage, though, the style is simply referred to as anime, regardless of application. I'm no critic about the matter, and am generally not picky about word choosization.

Sign: "For Rent. #:311 - 555 - 2368"

Sticker: "Leased."

Jesi: "So, you're a Zelda fan, huh?"
Sandy: "Yeah how could you t-- Hey! Cool!"

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