Tuesday, August 16, 2011

≤Relevant: Linkachu

It's "Less Than (or equal to) Relevant."

Due to the fact that not all of the art I produce has to do with EV, although much of it still does have to do with Pokémon, I want to share with you more than just the strips and relevant stuff. So, this isʲRelevant, my collection that is just that.

And -- as if anything I've done, including the name ≤Relevant isn't enough -- I'll demonstrate the enormity of my geekhood by sharing with you this picture I drew in the car a few days ago. It's not really the first ≤Relevant installment. It's just the first by that name.

I call him Linkachu. Take a wild guess why.
...Knowing me, there will be more of these soon.


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