Saturday, August 27, 2011

Or Something Like That (again)

EV # 22 "Or Something Like That" (Again)
Well, this certainly took a lot longer than it had a right to. I used two sheets of paper to draw this, to give me more room to work. It's pretty self-evident where the borders are. :3

Again? What do I mean by 'again?' Well, this is an elaboration of an idea I came up with earlier. It's not really a sequel, or a second part, so 'again' was the best word I could think of for the task.

That is A Si in panel 4, and let me tell you that he is hard to draw. I don't know how the official animators do it.

In case you missed it, eight years ago, E² sneaked into A Si's house, and (rather literally) hacked into A Si's computer, resulting in a lifetime ban from the Eevee Party.

(Camcorder labels are not transcribed here)
Caption: "2003"
E²: "It's a little stuck, so give it a yank."

E²: "All right. There it is. Next we--"
A Si: "Hello?"

E²: "Uh-oh. Gotta go."

A Si: "Hello? Who's in my house?"


Caption: "2011"
Alek: "So then what?"
E²: "I went back an hour later for the camera. My 'how-to' DVD didn't sell like I thought it would, but when I heard about YouTube, I got 8,000,000 views from the look on his face."

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