Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Flaws of Character Design

EV # 21 "Flaws of Character Design"

Wow. I'm just kicking these things out.
Jim's here with me right now. He was impressed at how quickly I drew, inked, edited, and now posted this. Indeed, I believe it is a new record.

I tried some new techniques with this comic. To avoid using so much ink, I actually did the dark panels in white, then colored them and inverted the text on the computer. Also, I did a lot more shading and reflection than I generally do; although thanks to an unruly median filter, you can't really see it so much. Nevertheless...

Does it ever annoy you when a cartoon character always wears the same thing? :3 Alek doesn't wear much, but even still.

Chinchilla: "Wake up, Alek."
Alek: "Huh? Chinchilla, is that you?"
Chinchilla: "I'm scared. Turn on a light."

Chinchilla: "HA! I knew you wore your tie to bed!"
(Clock: "2:30")

Alek: "Goodnight, Chinchilla."

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