Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another step forward


I have now accomplished something: Every one of our official characters (ones I've introduced before the blog) now has an appearance on the blog. -- And, not just an appearance, but one which illustrates that character's dominating personality. Even Rax's appearance. Just sorta standing there is his personality.

That feels like an accomplishment. I have now caught up with myself. There's nothing on the old website that I haven't delivered here...except for three cameos of yet-unofficial characters. There's always an exception.

Even still, I have "unpacked the last box," and am now well-settled into my new website. It's good timing, too. I have also recently become aware that all of my characters are guys. Even Roko! -- who apparently everyone thought was a girl his first time around.

Now that I have all my previous characters shown off to the world, it's time for someone new. And considering there are not yet any girls in our cast, I present to you the star of our next strip: Sandy!
She is a girl. I swear.

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