Friday, July 15, 2011

It's even harder to shop for shoes.

EV # 17, "It's even harder to shop for shoes."
Well, today being my birthday, I have a gift for you!
The obvious joke here is "What, exactly, is an Eevee, anyway?" Apparently, not even Alek knows for sure.
This idea to use shampoo arose from a brainstorm I had a few weeks ago, about the kinds of products that would exist in a world filled with furries. I like making fake brands and product designs.
The main difference would be fur, and the care thereof. (The first idea was actually a disposable hair filter for shower and bath drains -- this brainstorm took place as I was cleaning the shower.)
Personally, I find the shampoo aisle frustrating enough, because of how specialized each product is. Imagine if you had to pick out your genus, on top of everything else.

Alek (thinking): "This raises some interesting questions."
Left shampoo bottle: "Fluff Shampoo -- for anthropomorphic woodland mammals."
Right shampoo bottle: "Fluff Shampoo -- for anthropomorphic canines."

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