Monday, July 18, 2011

I grew up on Pokémon, and I turned out (mostly) okay.

EV # 18, "I grew up on Pokémon, and I turned out (mostly) okay."
So, perhaps you'll notice that today's logo is bigger than normal (and color). I tried designing my own layout with this comic...and ended up with a large empty patch (the other way I considered was too boring), so I filled it.
Now, in the past, I haven't drawn backgrounds in my multi-panel comics (at least, no more elaborate than a doorway). It's hard to keep backgrounds consistent from panel to panel, so I employed a special tool.
Yep. I drew the background on a piece of notebook paper, and traced it onto the panels. I know it's not very high-tech...but just look at the stuff in the room.

Pokémon Narrator (on TV): "We find our hero Ash hopelessly lost, trying to become a Pokémon master."

Ash (on TV): "Hey look, Pikachu! It's an Eevee!"

Eevee (on TV): "Eevee! Eevee eevee e-evee vee eve ve-e. Ev'e eevee eevee vee vee ee-vee vee e. Eevee ee vee vee!"

Ash (on TV): "Go Pokéball!"
Eevee (on TV): "Eeevffmphf..."

Alek: "I don't understand why you get so nostalgic about this."

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