Thursday, April 17, 2014

So, what's going to happen?

First let me tell you, with unambiguous clarity, one thing that is not going to happen.

EV is not going to stop where it currently is. I'm planning on about another six months, with a regular weekly update schedule.

When does that begin?

Well, I'm not sure. See, drawing comics takes a while. I'm not particularly busy at the moment, but I hope to have something of a buffer saved up before I begin posting anything -- have a few comics in reserve so I'm not scrambling right before deadlines (This is something most webcartoonists do, and something I've never been able to accomplish myself. I'm a big boy now, though, I think I can handle it). And, even though I've written out the scripts for several comics, I haven't so much as sketched one out yet.

That would be because I'm trying to draw a new banner for the website.

Yeah, I'm going to do some rebranding, some promotion, and a little tidying up around here before I begin posting again -- because after I start posting, I'm sure to have no time to do that other maintenance work.

ETA? Possibly next week. Possibly.

This might be a poor time to gauge how long it will take to accomplish this stuff because I'll be at Salt Lake Comic Con tomorrow (if you happen to be there, I'll be dressed as Edward Elric, will be attending a number of the writing panels, and would love to meet you). I was supposed to make some preparations today, but I've been procrastinating and now I feel like I can't manage my time at all. :(

Self-pity aside, here's what needs to happen short term before EV will be up and running:

  • I need to finish drawing, inking, coloring, and editing a new banner for this website.
  • I need to design, draw, ink, color, and implement some new ads promoting EV to the internet.
  • I need to draw and ink at least the next four installments of EV.
(EDIT: I also want to create a new favicon, profile picture for the Facebook page, and less-elaborate banner for the Facebook page, as well as rearrange a few things on the site to make it less cluttered.)

And that sounds like about a week (or two).

I will have a once-a-week upload schedule. I'm not using anything automated (still) but right now, I think I will post new comics on Friday mornings around 8 AM Mountain Time.

I hope you're not too terribly annoyed that I'm putting this much time into the new website banner. These next few months will be something of a new era for EV and will definitely mark the ending of the story. (Even if I find I have more time after that for comics, I will be starting something new -- don't get too excited, though, I really don't know what's going to happen in six months' time). This will probably be the last chance I have to make a new banner for EV, and I think it deserves one.

Besides, I resized the website since making the last banner, so it looks weird. Plus, I've edited it a few times, and honestly my art style has changed a little.

Why am I defending myself here? I'm the artist here. Banner. Then comics.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Confession, Part II

EV #91 "The Confession, Part II"
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Sketch dump, dreadful news, and hey lookit I've widened the website.

First, business.
I *thought* that making my comics in the skyscraper format would make them easier to read on a website, but apparently Blogger doesn't want to cooperate. So, I resized it a bit, now hopefully you'll be able to read the text without needing to zoom in.

I will not have any space-hogging sidebars on my next webcomic, I assure you. I'll probably use Wordpress or Smackjeeves (I might go all fancy and get my very own domain), but I'm not shopping yet.

Still, I should let you know that EV is approaching its end. I have decided to conclude the series this upcoming January. Exactly when that happens will depend on whether I can get back on my posting schedule before school is up or not, so we don't have a date for doomsday yet.

I'll try to give you as much bonus material as I can as we get closer.

Speaking of which, here are a number of doodles you might like. I'd posted some of these on the Facebook page, but not all of them.

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Confession

EV # 90 "The Confession" presents The Comic That is Impossible to Read!
I'm not fond of the formatting provided on this site.
Here are some links straight to the images so you can read them at full magnification:
Also, you might be interested in this dorky comic.
And an explanation of my recent absence.
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Saturday, November 2, 2013

About the radio silence

Two years ago, I entered into a sort of hiatus for the majority of October, not posting anything of significance.
The reason being that that was the year I dressed as Link for Halloween, and spent a large portion of the month working on my costume.

A similar thing happened this year.
Sorry. I'll really have to scramble if I want to catch up.

Meantime, though, feeling out of practice, I got to doodling. One thing led to another and, I made this.